Elevate & Ignite Business Coaching

For Coaches who are overworked, overwhelmed, joined group-coaching programs, purchased all the low ticket-offers and collected ALL the free content available and still lack clarity and consistent results. 



I see you. I know your hustling for some time now with little to no results. You are just wanting to crack the code to success. You keep chasing the next best thing you see but it’s still not working. You just don’t know what to do everyday to get clients which leaves you feeling not good enough or cut of for this.

I know you’re tired of pouring your heart and energy into your content, only to be met with crickets. I know you’re sick of feeling confused and piecing together the clues from a file full of Freebies and swipe files. I definitely know that you are tired at glaring at everyone else’s success.

Here is what I know to be true…. 


You don’t need another freebie

You don’t need another course

 and if you even think about trying to mimic Becky’s social media strategy,  stop right there. 


This may have got you to where you are, but this is NOT what’s going to get you to your next phase!

Is this you…

♡ You’re an aspiring online coach, unsure of how to make your business a reality and all you do is consume information trying to figure out the secret sauce

♡ You’re a coach, struggling and frustrated that your business isn’t growing as fast as you want it to

♡ You’re consistently showing up and posting on social media. and nothing is happening

♡ You’ve had clients here and there but you don’t have a system in place that keeps them coming

♡ You feel awkward AF when talking about money and asking for the sale

♡ You have zero idea how to create content that converts, carve out your dream client and establish authority in your niche that has people coming to YOU!

♡ You frantically scroll through  Instagram looking for guidance from your favourite “marketing gurus” while shipping on your coffee, trying to wrap your brain around what you can do today to move the needle 


It’s time that you stop aimlessly scrolling, consuming unnecessary information, banking on hashtags and trying to science project your business together while watching everyone else succeed!

It’s time to position yourself as THE go-to expert so that potential clients stop putting you in the “friends-zone” and see you as the authority and the expert THEY need to work with.


You Deserve…..

  • Having a step-by-step system to make social media and lead generation systematic and stress-free 
  • Having your DMs of filled with flaming hot leads asking about your services
  • Getting on sales calls or selling in the DMs with insane confidence
  • Being clear on your gifts, your services, and know EXACTLY where your business will be for months and years to come
  • Running your business like a CEO
  • Hitting those financial goals and having fun while doing it
  • Feeling lit up to share your latest content because you know it will generate your leads, rather than crossing your fingers when you hit post
  • Having a highly effective marketing and sales strategy that is repeatable  


I spent years pulling together my 14 years of sales and digital marketing expertise into a proven method

That is all yours!

Nothing will change unless you do! It’s time to double down on your business, increase your visibility, grow a highly-targeted community and become THE to-go expert in your niche!! 

It’s time to turn your followers into high-ticket clients by implementing highly-effective marketing and sales strategies!!

Are you ready to elevate & ignite?

Meet  Your Coach &Biz Bestie

 Hi, I’m Christina! A business coach and strategist for overwhelmed and stuck coaches like you! 

 And I can’t wait to help you transform your business, uplift your Instagram and digital  marketing game! 

If you made it here, that means you are ready to have someone show you the way to reach the next level in your business.

When I started my business I struggled HARD. I was always chasing the next best thing. It took me months to learn first hand how important customize strategies are in order to be successful.

No mater how many templates, scripts and “gurus” advice I followed because I truly believed they had the “secret sauce” nothing seemed to work for me.

After investing in multiple courses and coaches which many led me no where I decided to measures into my own hands and take me.

I took my 14 years of sales experience, 5 years of digital marketing experience, my role as a Sr. Sales Manager where I created my own method and coached and trained my team to become top sales reps,

Later I moved into a Social Campaign Manger where I was scaling corporate businesses though content marketing and ads and later built my own wedding planning business that was featured in top magazines and  found my own success while having someone call out my blind spots.  


Each and every day, I see countless entrepreneurs frustrated and struggling with their business. Never feeling good enough, capable enough, smart enough to just do the damn thing so you get stuck in consumption and searching for what’s already within you. 

That’s why created Elevate and Ignite, I made it my mission to bridge this gap for entrepreneurs, and to provide them with a clear path forward in a way that is aligned to you!

 This is who women who want to have the same realization that I had because….

There is no secret-sauce

There is no-one size fits all course

 No magical template

I want to coach women with potential  to scale, ready to step-in and create the business and life of their dreams. You see, business gets to be fun when you have the step-by-steps on what you need to focus on daily to move the needle forward in a way that aligns with you.

Gaining that clarity is what gave me the confidence to scale my business forward and on a solid foundation. So, its not ONLY “possible” for you, it’s your souls focus and duty to provide the transformation you set out to make in our world.

Elevate and Ignite your business!




90-Days with me by your side answering all your questions and guiding you all the way though

My eyes on your ENTIRE business – content creation, client attraction, marketing plans, launches, DM conversations, Sales calls, Nailing your niche, Offer creating, Mindset

 ♡ 9 60-minute coaching calls

♡ Voxer access for rapid fire questions and answers

♡ Access to any course I create during our time together

♡  Customized support that is unique to your needs



I can tell you one thing for sure, and that’s the fact that you’re here for a reason. Let’s face it – you wouldn’t be here spending your time reading and hanging onto every word if you didn’t need help with your business and marketing strategy.


It’s time to step into your next phase of growth and expansion. It’s time to become THE go-to expert in your niche and make the impact you say you want to make. It’s time to get CLARITY and FOCUS on building a business that is aligned to you.

 It all starts with this decision.  So what’s it going to be?

Wake up to messages like these!

What others are saying!

If not YOU, then who…

If not NOW, then when…


– You just launched your business are are still in the early stages of building and are ready to scale but you just need to know the step-by-step on what to do

– You’re tired of taking online courses and searching for the information online on how to be successful in your business

– You know you’re amazing at what you do but need help running the back end of your business

– You’re ready for consistent growth and an action plan to make it happen

– You’ve put in the hard work to get you to where you are but now you’re ready to get to the next level

– You’re done spending countless hours on the search for the next best thing and aimlessly scrolling though social media

– .You’re done compare yourself and your business to others and feeling like you’re not good enough

– You’re tired of posting and hearing crickets…I know HOW much effort went into your post and it’s time for it to be seen

–  You’re tired of  glaring at everyone else’s success and making it your failure when you know you can make a solid income doing what you love

– You want to nail your niche and uncover your zone of genius and have dream clients in your DMs wanting to work with you

– You want to position yourself at the authority in your niche and become THE go-to expert and sell effortlessly


Elevate & Ignite Is designed for coaches who are serious about launching and/or uplevelling their business using social media.

 Together we create a highly tailored marketing plan to attract and convert your follows into high paying clients with ease. Typically this is approached in 3 phases: 

1. Self Mastery – Having the right mindset is everything. Together we will zone in on authentically finding your zone of genius and how to align your efforts with that. Develop an abundance money mindset and process and reframe limiting beliefs

 2.  Strategy + Power Positioning  – Here we find the right and aligned high-profitable niche for a successful business. Get clear on your big-picture goals.

We will put together an organic led generation system in place. Deep dive into client attraction and how to write content that turns into cash and generate consistent leads, how to track and nurture them, show up as a leader and become THE expert in your niche and optimize your productivity and have your dream clients knocking at your door.

3. Sales Mastery-
 How to have intentional DM conversations, sell without it feeling icky, lead sales calls to success

 This is a complete customized step-by-step plan to excel your business forward and to turn your efforts on autopilot. No more wigging it. Be the CEO of your business!


 What’s Included:
9 1:1 intensive coaching calls (60-minutes recorded), unlimited Voxer (text & voice messaging) support, tailored sales funnel plan, my eyes on your ENTIRE business, and you will get access to any course I launch during our time together


The Process:
Book your free consultation call to see if we are a match!

Our Session:

We talk all about you and your business. We make sure you understand your audience, full clarity and direction, a complete step by step marketing and lead generation plan to attract and convert your dream clients and how to turn your efforts on autopilot while focusing on passive income.

We are optimizing EVERY part of your business.

By the end of our time, you will have a customized blueprint and a scaled up business!

Elevate & Ignite isn’t all about hourly calls once a week or checking off a to-do list. It’s about having me with you at all times, guiding you through the process and answering your questions so you don’t have to do it alone. .


By the end of our time together you will have a scaled-up business!