Are you ready to become a deliberate deisnger of your life?

Elevate & Ignite

The deepest level of support and highly selective. This experience is an all-in evolution and intended to support you in becoming your biggest bold version of yourself possible by mastering your mindset, strategy & energetics so you can quantum leap forward to 5-figure months!

Together we deepen your confidence and your worth, hack your routines, heal the blocks and beliefs patterns keeping you stuck and own TF out of your value so you can show up with certainty & conviction. 

READY TO EMBODY your HIGHEST self AND create more abundance and prosparity in your life (&business)?

Elevate & Ignite is for the women that’s ready to combine the inner game with outer strategy –  for those who want to significantly increase their impact and bring their business to a point of stability and scalability without sacrificing their health and relationships! Are you ready to become unstoppable?

 Hi! I’m Christina

Your coffee loving, go-getter, multiple beverage marketing and mindset mentor.

Here’s the part where I tell you about my 13 years of sales experience, becoming the top sales consultant which led to me sore up the corporate latter by the age of 24, spent several years in marketing  and how I grew two businesses, worked for a Facebook Premium partner and did all the fancy things.

All the great and impressive stuff but….

here’s the truth building a business and stepping into your CEO is FAR more than just the money.  It’s about generational wealth and leaving a legacy behind. The values you hold and live into every day, your self-beliefs, leading others and more importantly the life you love. It’s about enhancing your life every day!

 My superpower is pairing spirituality, business strategy and health & wellness to expand coaches to building a sustainable and profitable online business. Together we hack your routines, habits and we’ll recalibrate your energy so you become an enteric match to your desires as we roll up our sleeves and dive into your limitless potential!

When I stepped into this business I made two promise to myself.  

1. I would NEVER trade my sanity at the cost of my health and relationships. Been there done that and so happy I broke up with it.
2. I wouldn’t do ANYTHING that didn’t feel good and aligned to me. ( I don’t care what all the gurus say. I’m building this MY way. And I did 🙂 ) 

See any themes…?

I don’t trade who I am for the sake of my business. I’ve seen way too many coaches build businesses to only be an employee again & working with clients who simply don’t align, working 24-7 because they’re scared their business will crumble, working weekends, holidays and taking NO time off. This isn’t empowering.  Having a business that can run without you is when you step into your full power as you hold the vision you’re creating.  YOU are the most important asset to your business and you MUST put yourself first. I will remind you about that A LOT!

 I’ve been EXACTLY where you are now. I was DIY-ing my business, trying to generate enough consistent income, addicted to my screen (& frankly, driving my husband crazy).

It wasn’t until I took measure into my own hands and started to fully embody my truest CEO- self.  Not only did the income come, but I started to become the women I always wanted. 

Everything became SO clear. My messaging, my branding – my own voice came out.

 I created my dream life and business. Everything I once dreamed of and kept seeing others achieve became mine. I created more freedom and joy in my life. This was no accident.

And all of this is available for you too!

If you’re ready to step into this new identity, become an unstoppable force to be reckon with while you soulfully scale and market your business, this is your sign to apply now!

Let’s pop the bubbly as we watch the clients roll in

transformation you can expect

marketing and mindset mentor

 △ Reignite the spark within and go after your deeper desires. Those secret dreams & become an unstoppable women!

 △ Raise your vibration to become a match to the goals you want manifest into your life.  Get ready to achieve those big income goals & beyond. 

 △ Gain confidence & amplify your voice and become the permission your dream clients are yearning for

△ Increase your sense of worth and get paid your worth for the stunning transformation your facilitate

△ Learn the energetics behind becoming magnetic to your dream clients & all you desire

Re-parent your subconscious to align with your next level self and embody your limitless potential

 △ Master your strategy & marketing plan for maximum profit, paired with high-converting marketing tactics to send your revenue soaring 

Embrace your unique coaching style, Elevate the bar within yourself, your business and your life so you can attract more abundance and prosparity 

This is your chance to immerse yourself in your vision, map out a game plan that feels aligned to you and that will move your business forward, and build your foundation for long-term success without sacrifcing your health & relationships. 

not ready for a big commitment?


Perfect if you want to experience high-level transformational coaching without the price tag. This session to gain clarity on your current situation, explore your top goals, and map out your first next steps to get where you want to go!

We’ll discuss whatever is most present for you in your business right now, such as:

– Niche clarity, clarifying your voice + message, Attracting your tribe, cultivating leads into Clients, visibility strategy, sales strategy, product suite expansion, launching, managing your time, overcoming limiting beliefs, tools/systems, etc.

Along with our 90 Minute Intensive together, you’ll also receive 4 weeks of 24/5 online support via Voxer.