What weightlifting taught me about getting clients.

Working with my trainer has given me some of my biggest breakthroughs. And many of my million dollar ideas formulate at the gym which is why fitness is a core value of mine and a pillar in my business.

It’s important to know when to show up, put the reps, and then go home. Unfortunately, many don’t experience this and a reason why they fail.#ToBeYourBestYouMustRest

Here are 5 things I learned:

1. Stop looking for the perfect plan.

There ain’t one. And when you’re program hopping, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to see traction when you don’t allow time to see the gains. Similar to business, when you’re tactic chasing. Marketing works when the right people see your message until they buy — it’s NEVER just ONE tactic, ONE post, ONE thing. It’s a combination.  Assuming your offer is irresistible and effectively positioned. (Ie. live your best life, I help you get more clarity, find your purpose, Manage your time better are NOT clear offers…)

2. Don’t get caught up in the specifics. 

When training I focus a lot on “compound movements” – because they work the largest muscles and the most efficient use of my time… Similar to business, many of you focus on little shit – hashtags, bio, etc. It doesn’t matter when you have a solid content and marketing strategy place and you deeply know your ideal client and the transformation you provide. People will be knocking at YOUR door!

3. Learn to love the process. 

The journey is all that there is. And it’s who YOU become in the process. So you need to commit to the long game.  Learn what you love, your strengths and weaknesses and market yourself in a way that works for you. I don’t believe in business in a vacuum.

4. Track your progress. 

Amateurs go into the gym, do a bunch of random things and leave feeling like they worked hard. Yet they have ZERO idea where they’re starting from or what they’re *really* doing. If you want to make meaningful progress you need to know your numbers. Be professional and measure your KIPs!! Know what input produces what output 

5. Don’t compare yourself to others.  

When I started back up with my trainer, he gave me light weights – I was offended..mainly because he gave my friend heavier weights. My ego went into full gear….This kind of comparison or negativity, well, can discourage some. (Not me FIY. I’m a high-achiever, 8 & 3 on the enneagram so I love a challenge). But the point is, never compare your seasons to others – you have no idea how they got there and how long they’ve been at it.  Others’ progress is irreverent. Focus and control the controllable.



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