Reasons for the view: Take stock of my progress – as an entrepreneur and visionary, it’s easy to look at the gap between where you want to be and where you are rather than looking at where you were and where you are now.  It helps you not chase the shiny tactics and strategies- this is why most people fail. It’s important to focus, review and make tweaks.  Acknowledge what has happened and know that you can always change course.

Take it one day at a time because there is no short cut to success and no such thing as failure. It’s the consistency of work and over a period of time, you get better and better – you get to where you want to go.

Like Bill Gates said, you can over estimate what you can go in a year and under estimate what you can do in 10.

Basic Structure of my yearly review

  1. What went well last year?
  2. What didn’t go so well last year (and what did I learn)?
  3. What am I working towards this year (and how will I make it happen)?
  4. What is this year’s theme?

What went well last year?

Served 35 clients: Honoured for all the clients I got to serve last year and watch grow their business and ignite their life.

Invested heavily in mentorship:  A lot of learnings here – some were great, some I could have done without. But each one taught me something and I am grateful that I got to invest so much into my business and it all paid back in tenfold.

Build a group program: To allow me to scale my business and help more people without having to trade my time for dollars. Prior, I only focused on high-level 1:1 packages and realized that not everyone can afford to make those high-level investments. My other focus was one-off sessions or short term packages which weren’t beneficial for me or the client. I always had to sell, and realized it’s not the way I want to show up and run my business. Also, I don’t believe it’s right not sell half the transformation. I want anyone who comes into my realm to have a massive transformational experience. But it was their dire need at that time and I am happy to have solved it.  Most came back for longer term support anyway!

Started training again: Noticed a shift in my health, my mental state and how I operate day-to-day.  And probably the strongest I have been in some time. Not only was I working out my body , but my mind as I experienced so many breakthroughs with my trainer.

Creating s strong presence and got visible: I grew my following and brand awareness. Got invited to speak in private groups and podcasts. 

Stats for 2020:

Read over 13 books

Listened to some great podcast and learned a lot

Started to mediate and journal – this became an asset for me

Hit 5-7k months

4 podcast speaking engagements

Facebook speaking engagement

4  coaches

What didn’t go so well last year (and what did I learn)?

Didn’t hit my income goal: Had a lot of plans I didn’t achieve.  I didn’t achieve them because I allowed myself to get distracted and focus on things that didn’t support my longer vision. I went with my motions and didn’t look at my data because I didn’t collect it so I was just doing the same, same and expecting different results. I second guessed my direction and marketing every ten seconds. I still find myself doing this occasionally but I have lessoned my bounce back – and that’s the entire purpose.

What did I learn: I was too busy being in my own way. Kept hiring the same people for the same thing – didn’t really help me grow in the ways I thought. I was playing in the wrong arena and building a business that didn’t feel aligned.

Put high expectations on my coaches: Replied heavily on them to grow my business. Hired strong support – and whatever instant gratification – I thought they would be the one that would save me. I transferred my power over and looked to them for the answers.
What I learned: It’s all within me. I need to take the messy actions and coaches and there to support and guide – I have to drive the car. I need to take bolder steps. Failing fast is my friend!

Compared myself to others: Always felt like I was missing something. That THIS coach knew something I didn’t so I needed to hire them. Would get triggered a lot and doubted myself and my capabilities. That I didn’t have the answers.
What I learned: No one ever has ALL the answers. Business strategy is easy,  but your mindset is the most important – we are our biggest limitation. We have to peel back the layers. It’s your mind – it’s constant evolution. Life has a cyclical nature. What you do Monday sucks, what you do Tuesday is the greatest thing and then there’s Wednesday … This isn’t how you live… You need to learn to coast. It’s a journey – constant improvement, constant evolution, constant curiosity. Results DON’T matter. It’s the figuring out that matters. It’s about getting better and better on a daily basis.

Fitness went to the back-burner: I suppose somewhat intentional as I could have worked out at home or outside but couldn’t bring myself to do it. In my mind, the gym was the only place I could have worked out.  I did go on a lot of walks and tried to move my body but it took a toll on my mental health.
What I learned: Fitness is a core value of mine and when I am not living into it, I don’t feel myself. I get brain fog and get a bit depressed.  edopamine and dopamine’s are needed when it’s coming from a good source. It also brings out my creativity and my biggest breakthrough and aha moments come from the gym.

What am I working towards this year (and how will I make it happen)?

A deeper connection with my husband and starting a family: My relationship with my husband comes first. Money comes and goes but relationships endure. And I want to cultivate a deeper one with him.
How will I do this: Less TV time and more alone time, asking questions and having deeper conversations. Being present and showering him with lots of love.

Finding ways to be more in my body: Training, moving, meditating, solitude.
How will I do this: Black time and set better structures and boundaries to be with myself. Longer showers. Going to “bed” early to give myself time to envision. Walks or just sitting in another room allowing myself space. Leaving my phone in another room. No phone past 7 pm

Break 6 figures. In some ways, this is an arbitrary goal, since the money itself isn’t that important to me. But what it represents is important. Because when you are in a profession like coaching, your income is a pretty decent indication of your ability to serve other people. The best way to reach this goal is by regularly creating powerful conversations with potential clients while continuing to pour my heart into my current clients. 

Becoming a true entrepreneur. Feeling unorganized, like a “freelancer” doing everything myself. I want to focus on building strong foundations, work on passive income, group programs and higher-ticket items.  I want to be able to make money while I sleep. Recently I’ve felt called to build something bigger than myself. To develop as a leader and so I am following the bread crumbs.
How will I do this: Hire help rather than hiring myself! Then I’ll need to develop sustainable marketing, sales, and delivery system that one day can be handed off to an OBM 

Grow my tribe:  I want a place where we can collectively come together and have fun. I don’t just want to be talking at people.

Read more: 1 book per month
How will I do this:  Read for 1-hour per day, longer on weekends and spend less time-consuming information from others that don’t serve me.

Better relationships with my family & friends: I want to foster my friends better and be a better friend – connect with my friends once a week. It’s hard to see people because of COVID but can always facetime and text – I am committing to reaching out and being more present and checking in on them. Being gentle and kinder to my family. I want to be a more thoughtful friend
How will I do this: Send messages – heartfelt ones just to say hi or thinking of you!

2021 Theme:

2020 was a year of an emotional rollercoaster. 

Experienced depression, burnout, and disappointment.

Lost of crying, lots of doubt, lots of doing and not enough being.  Constant second guessing and sparingly.

It was a beautiful year but periods of emotional turmoil. 

 In April I hit a low point of depression and anxiety- something that missing, something in me that needed fixing. I was waking up with anxiety daily for several months. Part because of covid and the fear of the unknown but also my business – I didn’t feel good in what I was doing. Constantly looking externally for the answers.

I am grateful for the experience and the people that supported me through them.  Part of the human is experiencing – ups and downs. But there are also things I can do to head off these experiences in the future. But it made me stronger and I learned to master my emotions even more which I can help my clients go even deeper.

What I learned: Move away from the all or nothing approach. There are so many ways to build a business and it’s experiencing what works for you. Honour my value of discipline. Have big goals that I am working towards at all times. But remember it’s a journey and who you become in the process.

The theme for 2021 – the year of Identity.  In Atomic Habits, James Clear talks about how Identity determines your habits, which in turn determine your outcomes in life.

So instead of starting with what you want to achieve, you should start with the type of person you want to become. And then figure out what that person does on a daily basis in order to have the results they enjoy.



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