About Me

Hi! I’m Christina


If you ever thought “I want to trailblaze my own path to success and build a profitable and scalable online business in alignment and without sacrificing my health and relationships.” then you’re in the right place.  

I believed there’s a deep force of power within us, that fuels our desires and set the standard for how we live.

It gives us the courage to go after what we desire

The urge to fulfill our biggest potential and achieve the freedom we desire.

The core of my life’s work is to activate coaches to become the biggest boldest version of themselves possible and gain the courage, tools and strategies they need to elevate the bar within themselves, their business, and their life because WE deserve to rock all 3!

I stand for the women who want to rise into their higher-calling to lead and make the world a better place. 

For her birth right to freedom, peace and abundance she craves.

For her power to stand alone and be all she desires

 And for those that feel called to it,

that deep inner desire for wanting more – that’s the magic to exponential success

And that’s how the S method came to life. This methodology enables my clients to gain massive clarity (in themselves,​ in their business, in their offers and in their messaging all to attract high-caliber clients), absolute confidence in themselves,​​ ​all while putting together an​​ aligned clear purpose-driven strategy so they can consistently Implement and achieve your desired ​goals and feel – and truly been – in control of her business, income, time and growth because WE deserve to rock all 4.

 We believe in balance & hustle with purpose.

We’re fueled by coffee, drink wine on Sundays and we don’t apologize for how astronomically big our goals are

In the words of Drake ” Started from the bottom now we’re here!

Like yours, my story is a bit of a whirlwind, and yet, of course, it all makes absolute sense.

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to work for myself one day. 

From a young age, I also developed a passion for understanding how my mind works and marketing. I’d daydream about the day I became head of marketing at a Fortune 500 company, dressed to the nines as I checked out the Toronto skyline from my corner office.  

But of course, before I could land that corner office, I had to lay the groundwork.

I’m a career long sales women (14 years) After various sales jobs, I landed a sales consultant role at a digital company (Facebooks premium partner) 

My natural ability to build relationships, being relentless in my pursuit, and delivering 5* service meant I became a sought of consultant.  This led me to industry awards, sored up the corporate ladder and became a Sr. Sales Manager at the age of 24 developing, managing training others to sales success. 

After 5 years of working in the digital marketing and sales department, I transitioned to the role of Facebook Campaign Manager, where I was tasked with content creation and running ad campaigns for my clients.  From strategic planning to content creation and engagement, I ensured brands stood out on social media to attract higher-level clients. 

In 2017, I started a wedding planning business and absolutely loved it! My work was featured in major magazines, I was having fun planning the events – it was all going great! But with time, I started to second-guess my decisions and wasn’t waking up each day feeling inspired in my business. I knew something wasn’t quite right, and I knew I missed working in digital marketing and sales.


As my friends and family will tell you… I’ve always spoken about being a coach, as I’m a person of service and a success story junkie. As Marketing & Mindset Mentor, I truly found my calling and now am fulfilling my purpose. I’m so proud of each and every tactic and strategy that I teach because I’m confident they’ll drive success for business owners. And for that, I’m so grateful to do what I do!

Let’s grow and thrive!

Social Sales Academy
For coaches that have downloaded all the freebies, purchased the course, and still seeing little to no result!

This is your step-by-step guide where we cover the skills, mindset and strategy you need to go from overlooked and overwhelmed to booked out!

Ready to play a bigger game and become a booked out coach while only working only 2-3 hours per day?

Private Coaching Experience

A 3-6 month high-level 1:1 coaching program for high-achieving coaches who are looking to break the self-imposed ceiling, define their version of success and build out their strategic & profitable product suite and unapologetically sell out without sacrificing their health & relationships using my Triple S method.

Together we’ll build a business that works for YOU, and not the other way around. Ready to play a bigger game?

90-Minute Intensives

Experience high level business coaching without the marriage … but I know you’ll fall in love and will want to get married after…Notebook style so I’ll go ahead and grab the ring.

– Need help showing up & selling online?
– Need help building your profitable product suite?
– Need a kickass marketing plan for your next launch?
– Need help defining your niche and elevating your offer so it sells like hotcakes?

Lucky for you, that’s all in my wheelhouse.

Along with our 90 Minute Intensive together, you’ll also receive 4 weeks of 24/5 online support via Voxer.


private coaching

✧ I’m pretty low maintenance. While it’s fun getting glamourous every now and again, yoga pants are my happy place! I call my sense of style, ‘Comfy-Chic.’

✧ My day always starts with a morning coffee! After all, I’m 60% coffee & 40% human

✧ I ALWAYS have room for dessert. Hey – it’s how I cleanse my palate. P.S. Cookies are the way to my heart!

✧ I only read self-development books!

✧ Elephants are my spirit animal. They symbolize loyalty and companionship, which I really value in my personal and professional relationships. They’re also super friendly and social creatures like me!

Personal & Biz Values

✧ Inspiring others to lead fearlessly

✧ Always be learning – intelligence is sexy!

✧ Honesty & integrity – be a good human!

✧ Work hard – but rest harder

✧ Making BOLD moves

✧ Leading with humility

✧ Effective and personal customer service – that always goes a touch beyond!

What Now?

Pick Your Journey 

VIP 1:1 Coaching

Elevate & Ignite is my deepest level of support and highly selective. This is a 3-6 month high-touch coaching program for coaches who are deeply committed to do things differently, innovate, and define their version of success.  This experience is an all-in evolution and intended to support you in becoming your biggest bold version of yourself possible and have the tools, empowerment and strategy .

Let’s pop that Champaign as we watch the clients roll in.

Signature Course

Social Sales Academy is my 90-day my signature group coaching accelerator program for transformational coaches, leaders, and healers who are ready to sky rocket their success.
I’m taking you on a step-by-step journey to building your business to consistent income through my simple framework. We cover the skills and strategy on how to build, market, and sell a high value offer and learn to step into your biggest boldest version of yourself and master the art of empowered sales. 

**You also have the opportunity to purchase as a go at your own pace course**


Perfect if you want to experience high-level transformational coaching without the price tag. This session to gain clarity on your current situation, explore your top goals, and map out your first next steps to get where you want to go!

We’ll discuss whatever is most present for you in your business right now, such as:

Niche clarity, clarifying your  message, Attracting your high-paid clients,  visibility strategy, empowered sales strategy, product suite expansion, launching, managing your time,  etc.

Along with our 90 Minute Intensive together, you’ll also receive 4 weeks of 24/5 online support via Voxer.