Do you feel overwhelmed, overlooked or underpaid?


I can help.  I’ve been helping ambitious female coaches shatter their class ceiling, become unapologetically them, and scale their business into insane profits without the overwhelm. 

Hi, I’m Christina

Your Marketing & Mindset Mentor, who can’t wait to help you transform and STAND OUT in your niche, book out your 1:1 and create your strategic product suite! Each and every day, I see countless entrepreneurs frustrated with their traction of their business. That’s why I made it my mission to bridge this gap for entrepreneurs, and to provide them with a clear path forward!

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I’m in the business of providing massive value with total transparency. If I know an Instagram secret, then so will you!

I’m passionate about teaching social media and digital marketing that sells no fluffy stuff… that’s not me!

What I am all about:

 Selling on social (without feeling sales-y

✧ Producing content with cut-through

✧ Attracting (the right) followers

… And converting those followers into high-paying clients

And what I’m not about? Cookie-cutter approaches to building a business! I’m all about teaching you what works and what doesn’t in a clear and digestible format.

the best part is …

I love what I do.

I’d love to help you sell more, get booked out with dream clients and build a memorable brand on the world’s #1 social platform. I mix buyer-psychology with relationship building to help you turn your passion into insane profit.

But every story starts somewhere, and here’s mine:

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to work for myself one day. I came from a family of entrepreneurs and spent countless hours of my childhood travelling to work sites with my parents, who ran a restaurant carpentry business.

 From a young age, I also developed a passion for marketing. I’d daydream about the day I became head of marketing at a Fortune 500 company, dressed to the nines as I checked out the Toronto skyline from my corner office.  

But of course, before I could land that corner office, I had to lay the groundwork. I got hard at work in the digital marketing world and spent years working for a major company, surviving 5 layoffs and multiple departmental shutdowns. After 5 years of working in the digital marketing and sales department, I transitioned to the role of Facebook Campaign Manager, where I was tasked with content creation and running ad campaigns for my clients.  From strategic planning to content creation and engagement, I ensured brands stood out on social media to attract higher-level clients. 

After creating over 6000 pieces of content and over 2000 ad sets, I developed a strong understanding of what was working for my clients, and what I could help them do better. During this time, I was able to test different strategies and refine my process. The knowledge I gained from this process helped me to lay the foundations of my signature course, The InstaAcademy, because I knew it was something that busy entrepreneurs needed. But my journey to where I am now didn’t end there…  

Because I’m competitive by nature and packed full of energy (I’m mostly fuelled by coffee and my sweet tooth), I’ve always liked a challenge!

That’s why in 2017, I started a wedding planning business and absolutely loved it! My work was featured in major magazines, I was having fun planning the events – it was all going great! But with time, I started to second-guess my decisions and wasn’t waking up each day feeling inspired in my business. I knew something wasn’t quite right, and I knew I missed working in digital marketing and sales.

I realized that when I envisioned that future as the well-dressed Fortune500 exec, I wasn’t embracing my true self, the self who decided I wanted to spend my days doing work that lit me up while working from home in my yoga pants!

After a little soul searching, I hired a coach and was hit with my “a-ha” moment. 

As my friends and family will tell you… I’ve always spoken about being a coach, as I’m a person of service and a success story junkie. As an Instagram Coach, I truly found my calling and now am fulfilling my purpose. I’m so proud of each and every tactic and strategy that I teach because I’m confident they’ll drive success for business owners. And for that, I’m so grateful to do what I do

Fun facts you should know about me if we’re going to be friends

✧ I’m pretty low maintenance. While it’s fun getting glamourous every now and again, yoga pants are my happy place! I call my sense of style, ‘Comfy-Chic.’

✧ I ALWAYS have room for dessert. Hey – it’s how I cleanse my palate. P.S. Cookies are the way to my heart!

✧ Elephants are my spirit animal. They symbolize loyalty and companionship, which I really value in my personal and professional relationships. They’re also super friendly and social creatures like me!

My Personal + Biz Values

✧ Inspiring others to lead fearlessly

✧ Always be learning – intelligence is sexy!

✧ Honesty & integrity – be a good human!

✧ Work hard – but rest harder

✧ Making BOLD moves

✧ Leading with humility

✧ Effective and personal customer service – that always goes a touch beyond!

Let's Keep in Touch

Want to know more about me? Instagram is the best way to keep up with me and all my latest tips.

What Now?

Ready to blow your business TF ip?

VIP 1:1 Coaching

Elevate & Ignite is a high-touch 1:1 coaching for high-achieving coaches who are looking to unapologetically shatter the glass ceiling, sell out their coaching packages and build out their profitable product suite. Together we’ll also optimize your work-life balance, business success, confidence and so much more.

This is for the coach looking to sell with greater ease, set up recurring revenue, how to launch and run a course or group coaching program, and scale past their current months.

Let’s pop that Champaign as we watch the clients roll in.

Signature Course

Social Sales Academy is my signature group coaching program that helps new and struggling coaches reach consistent $5K months even with a small audience. 

You’ll learn how to create profitable offers and how to develop an effective sales & marketing process in your business. It includes weekly Q&A calls coaching calls alongside pre-recorded course modules. There’s also a Facebook group for extra accountability, connection, and hands-on support.

Your ideal clients are already waiting for you on social media, craving your services and skills. All you need is the strategy to put yourself in front of them with messaging that converts. My approach does just that.

Imagine having…

  • Immense clarity on your ideal client and how to speak to them
  • A richer and deeper understanding of your audience
  • A clear, actionable, step-by-step success plan for marketing on Social Media
  • An increase in profits from spending the time monetizing your account and attracting dream clients
  • The reputation as an expert, sought-after in your industry.

I can tell you one thing for sure, and that’s the fact that you’re here for a reason. Let’s face it – you wouldn’t be here spending your time reading and hanging onto every word if you didn’t need help with your Instagram marketing strategy. 

It’s time to step into your next phase of growth and expansion. It’s time to create the FIRE sales and marketing strategy you’ve been dreaming about. It’s time to get CLARITY.

It all starts with this decision.

Let’s create your own FIRE sales and marketing strategy 🔥 and start attracting your dream clients.