Social Salas Academy

SSA is a marketing and sales accelerator program for  coaches, leaders, and healers who are you ready for a step-by-step system to provide you with the tools + strategy to build, & grow your business so you can sign multiple clients per month in a way that feels aligned. 

Here’s how to know you’re TRULY ready for the next phase!

Are you finding yourself showing up on daily, posting, having DM conversations and doing ALL the activities + some that you hate and still left SPINNING YOUR WHEELS wondering when this will happen for you, EXHAUSTED & getting no where with the daily actions you’re taking, not to mention stuck in analysis paralysis!

Maybe you’re starting to asking questions like:

What the HECK am I doing wrong?
Do I ACTUALLY have what it takes?
Maybe I need to LEARN more?
How can I COMPETE with all these other coaches doing similar things

I get it…. I struggled for many months and I had to reinvent myself and I am happy that I did because SSA was born!




   You want learn how to combine your passion, strength, and experience to define your unique coaching method and the type of coach you are 

   ➤ Build a solid foundation and start signing mulitple clients per month without the guesswork

 ➤ You want to finally have a strategy and aligned plan of attack so you can effortlessly market yourself and watch the ideal clients roll in without feeling like you’re spending hours doing it

 ➤ You want to rapidly build authority, grow your following with ideal clients, and sell high-ticket in the DMs or on sales calls

  ➤ You want to build a no brainer offer that’s *uniquely* yours, positions you as their ULIMATE solution to your ideal clients  & watch them come to YOU

➤ My simple formula for writing content that brings in CASH not just likes and engagement because we know those don’t pay the bills

 ➤ Master authentic sales conversation and handling objections without any of the guesswork or icky feelings

 If you’re nodding your head yes, I WANT THIS! Then your cute little butt belongs into SSA.


You’re looking for someone to hand over the secrets to 10k months without putting in the work. You need to be committed to your success and growth. 


It’s time to create massive abundance and impact because I know you know you’re meant for more. You just need a little support to get you there.


If your soul is SCREAMING HECK YEAH….




What I’ve learned after working with dozens of 1:1 clients is that you can have EVERY strategy in place, but if your mindset is off you won’t make sales. Here we focus on starting to embody the coach we want to become and the life we want to create.


In this module you will, you will develop a crystal-clear understanding of who you want to serve and how you help them. Because before you can offer anything you need to know who the heck your clients are.  Step into the mind of your ideal client, so that you can attract dream clients and feel amazing about what you bring to the table, uncover your competitive edge and learn how to position yourself as THE GO-TO expert even in your “crowded” niche with your perfectly crafted marketing message and unique value proposition. 


Offer formulation SEEMS simple, but if you’ve ever launched an offer to crickets, you know it’s more complicated than it appears.  Here you will craft your high(er)-ticket offer & price for profit. You’ll learn how how to create YOUR signature system, your methodology. You will name, structure and delivery it! You will learn to communicate it so you get consistent inquiries about your program. You’re going to be the perfect answer to someone’s problems.


Dolla, Dolla bills! We’re all here to make money. In this module, you will learn how to become a relationship queen & money-making machine. We’re talking about growing a targeted audience, build rapid authority, generate leads on demand, blowing up your DMs, and how to always be micro-converting your audience ORGANICALLY. No funnels, no ads or large following needed.  Become a relationship queen by having intentional and fruitful DM conversations. (Same strategy applies to FB). Let’s do this the right way!  


You’ll learn the most important fundamentals to writing scroll stopping content that generates more than just some likes and comments. I’m taking about magnetizing your ideal clients with my caption writing formulas. Let’s get your content working for YOU and have ideal clients automatically become attracted to you. Hello, “I want to work with you” DMs from premium buyers.


In this module, you’ll be setting up your organic marketing system to consistently convert leads into qualified sales calls or in the DMs. Learn how to create high-converting sales pages, freebies, trainings, and growing your email list and nurturing them to the point of conversion.


You’ll have taken SO MUCH aligned action building relationships like a queen with ideal clients that the actual sales training will be the icing on the cake. You’ll learn my methods on how to close like a #boss in the DMs on or sales calls and how to handle any objections.  You will have a prediciable process to sell without feeling pushy or salesy


It’s incredibly common to feel overwhelmed with what the heck you’re supposed to do each day to make sales in business. In this module we are optimizing your productivity & daily business operations so you can work less & get more done. We’ll also set up payment processors, scheduling systems, and new client onboarding procedures so you’re totally prepared for all of your new clients!


How to scale your 1:1 coaching & lengthen your clients lifetime cycle

You may be thinking…

“but Christina, investing in myself is scary AF! 😬” 


Your fear of investing is VALID AF. We’re all scared to invest. I have invested over 13k in my business and each time is just as scary. But so is staying stuck and spinning your wheels while watching everyone live out your dream life.  The good news is you get to choose your scary. Take a risk that comes with high reward and bet on yourself or continue with what hasn’t been working or serving you.

Just remember–If I can do this, so can you!


Social Sales Academy has proven strategies, LIVE Group Coaching Support, and unlimited coaching in the Facebook group throughout the entire 12 weeks! This isn’t JUST another group or program that will give you generic advice on the calls. You’ll have an experience coached by your side, get pushed and motivated to take action to reach your goals every week.

What You’ll Recieve when you join ssa…

6 live group coaching calls (value $3000)

Get all your questions answered, focus on action and implementation + put everything you learn into practice, and learn from other amazing women.

9 epic video modules

(value $4500)

Bite-sized, no fluff training videos to create your no-brainer offer, put together an actual sales & marketing system and get you to those $5K months and beyond

Exclusive FB group

(value $1000)

Nothing like having a group of amazing women to cheer each other on & celebrate wins together! You’ll also have access to me to ask any questions!

Master Your Mindset(value $900)

No more playing small! Create abundance, break old patterns, say good-bye to the constant hustle, and build an aligned business while re-parenting your beliefs. 

Templates, worksheets + high-converting sales scripts galore (value $800)

 I am the queen of excel sheets. You will get everything from affirmations, DM scripts, high-converting caption formulas, content creation, sales tracker -you name it!

Monthly workshop sessions (value $1200)

Grab your favourite beverage and join us on zoom as we workshop and brain share together
– 6-figure business plan
– Content planning
– Selling with ease
& more!

Voxer access (VIP only)

(value $1000)

Get me in your pocket for rapid fire voice/text messaging. You’ll have access 24/5 for any burning questions, thoughts, and guidance! 

Lifetime access + upgrades

Get lifetime access to a forever evolving program

You’re officially inaugurated into the SSA family.  You will also have forever access to the Facebook community. 

Monthly guest Experts(value $1500)

Live coaching with 3 industry leading entrepreneurs! We’ll have 1 guest per month on different topics to push and challenge your further.

 Over $13,300


Your investment is about 1/4 of that!


It’s time to put an end to flopping around Social Media. SSA is a unique program that incorporates confidence, strategy and execution while giving you high-level support to conquer anything that comes your way as we watch the clients roll in.



At the end of the program, (100% completion rate) receive a FREE call with Christina to ask or go over ANYTHING you need for your business!

Ready to learn my step-by-step process that will book you out? 

Want to get started NOW and go at your own pace?

Pay In Full $799
3 Payments of $333

Regular $2222 Paid in Full

Monthly payment of $855


$3222 Paid in Full

This is for you if you want even more hands on support. Monthly 45-min intensive calls (3 total),  24/5, Voxer access to me + shard drive for material review and track your business
Monthly payment of $1222

Oh, you got some Q’s?

Cool. Cool. Cool. I got some answers.

What exactly will I master in SSA

You’ll learn & master the process of creating and enrolling high paying clients organically via social media

In detail: 

  • You’ll master creating a premium & scalable coaching offer & learn how to convey a message that explains the value & the transformation of your offer in a way that converts followers into clients. ⁣
  • You’ll become a relationship queen and learn how to have intentional DM conversation that leads to a sales call or closing right in the DMs 
  • My methods to handling objection with confidence so you stop wasting time in conversations that feels like they lead nowhere.
  • You’ll learn how to show up as an authority, so you go from being an inspiration to having people buy from you.
  • You’ll learn how to write content that brings in more than just engagement because we know that doesn’t pay the bill. 
  • Learn how to leverage stories + how to sell on stories. You’ll also learn the psychology tactics of Instagram stories
  • The only follower growth tactics you need to grow an engaged following
  • Become a relationship queen and money-making machine

You’ll master the art of high-ticket sales & client creation by having a reliable and repeatable system you can follow day in day out.

When are the group calls and what if I can't attend the group calls?

We’ll decide on the call time together to accommodate different time zones.  All the calls will be recorded + uploaded in our Private Facebook Community

Don’t forget, you’ll also have access to me + your amazing group members in our Facebook community for additional support.

We’ll also have monthly co-working sessions where we meet and get work done! Grab your favourite beverage and let’s make magic together!

How hands on is the group program?

This is legit the most hands on a program could possibly be besides 1:1 coaching. It’s not a passive course or a massive group either. EVERYONE gets live coaching and hands-on support. Plus, if you’re a VIPer, you have the same access to Christina as her higher level 1:1 clients.

Who is SSA for?

This program is only for online coaches such as health coaches, life coaches, business coaches, mindset coaches, career coaches, parenting coaches, etc. If you want to offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and eventually online courses related to your coaching expertise–this program is the BEST place to start.

Are there refunds?


I think I want 1:1 support instead?

Christina no longer offers 1:1 coaching for early-stage coaches and the current investment for 1:1 is $4,000 for 12 weeks. This program is designed to serve early-stage $0-$4K month coaches. If you’re looking for a higher level of support, Christina recommends signing up for Social Sales Academy VIP.

Hey! It’s no coincidence that you’re here and that you’ve made it to the bottom of the page. You’re ready for the next level and the people you’re made for are out there waiting for you to change their lives – it’s time we put you in front of them.

Imagine what can happen in 3 months when you master your mindset, marketing and sales in your business.


How does singing multiple clients per month & making your dreams come to sound?


It’s time to make it official.